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Perfect For Indoor Or Outdoor Settings

Our glowing artwork is fully protected from the elements to give a beautiful indoor or outdoor centrepiece.

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Totally Unique

Each Piece An Individual

Every one of our pieces is individually exclusive and made for your space.

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Standard Designs Available

5 Frame Designs

Choose from any of our 5 standard frames with options to customise the artwork behind.

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Our Art Plus Your Art

Add Your Own Artwork

Simply purchase any one of our frames and add your own artwork behind

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Fully Custom Service

Design Your Own Frame

Create the frame design you want. Perfect for logo’s, bar signs or any purpose.

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Illuminate Your Space

Urban Firefly’s unique glowing artworks are designed to be treasured centrepieces in any indoor or outdoor environment. Created and built in the UK by our team of craft Laser-Art Metalworkers, Computer Aided Designers and our resident artist, we combine rustic art with vivid colours that radiate warmth.

We offer a range of standard designs or you can create something exclusive from a selection of colours and frame patterns.

With design and manufacture based in Nottinghamshire, we are also delighted to turn your ideas into reality by offering fully custom glowing art frames for individuals and businesses such as signs, logo’s, custom wall art or glowing frames to fill any space.

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Fully Custom Design

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Add Own Artwork

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Select Frame & Colours

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Standard Designs

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Standard Designs – Economical

Simply choose any one of our standard designs at the lowest price. Each artwork is still unique but in colours chosen by us. You can still choose to add your own artwork, simply slide out our art and slide in your own design.

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Infinite Colours, Multiple Shapes

There is a virtual infinite number of colour combinations you can use by selecting any combination of the 20 Montanna spray paints we offer. You can also choose your frame shapes and frame materials to create a completely bespoke artwork.

Create Something Unique

Your Ideas Come To Life

We’d be delighted to work with you to create unique metal frames to meet your exact requirement. If you need a logo, a bar sign or any type of customer metal frame artwork, simply fill in the form to discuss ideas and to get a quote.

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