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Looking for a better return on your buy-to-let investment?


With a SPV limited company mortgage, you can:

  • Incorporate your personal buy-to-let investment activities into a SPV limited company
  • Offset 100% mortgage interest and lettings expenses to best Section 24 tax changes
  • Reduce your tax bill with rental profits charged at only 19% corporation tax
  • Skip ‘portfolio landlord’ restrictions, and avoid extra lender stress tests and paperwork
  • Unlock hassle-free succession planning – transfer your portfolio with zero SDLT and IHT
  • Invest your existing company’s retained earnings with a tax-efficient intercompany loan

Setting up an SPV limited company is easy; and with the specialist, SPV mortgage brokers at SPV Mortgages, finding and securing the perfect mortgage financing deal for your buy-to-let purchase is even easier.
Gain access to the best SPV mortgage deals fast – 2.87% with only a £999 fee! – get in touch today.

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Why choose us


as your limited company mortgage broker.
  • Save time and money searching for your ideal SPV mortgage
  • Access to the best SPV mortgage rates the market has to offer
  • No application paperwork – we take care of it all for you
  • Experts in SPV limited company mortgage regulations and lender criteria
  • More than ten years of expertise in the mortgage broker industry
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SPV solutions for

Missed the boat on mortgage interest relief?

With an SPV mortgage, you can still offset 100% of your mortgage interest and lettings expenses – so even first-time buyers can beat the Section 24 tax changes.

Hit the ground running with your first buy-to-let >

Portfolio landlord restrictions holding you back?

With selected SPV limited company mortgage products, you can skip the extra aggregate testing paperwork and spend less time wrestling with declined

Save time and money with your next SPV buy-to-let >

Want to pass your investment on to your family?

SPV limited company mortgages offer succession planning peace of mind; unlocking routes to zero stamp duty and zero inheritance tax liability.

Find out how an SPV could help you >

Retained earnings going nowhere?

Self-employed professionals can make the most of their surplus income by investing it in an SPV buy-to-let property.

Start growing your RE today >

Looking for an end-to-end professional property investment service?


  • Exclusive deals – access market leading SPV limited company mortgage rates
  • Property sourcing – our specialists take care of finding the perfect investment property meeting your specific requirements, often off-market, negotiated at the best price
  • Property tax – obtain expert property tax advice, ensuring tax efficiency, HMRC compliance which is acceptable to SPV limited company mortgage lenders
  • All managed under one roof
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