The International World Records Book is an organization that emerged in response to the surplus budding talents that reside in our world of 775.28 crore individuals. For us, each and every one these people, with their different knacks and gifts, is a potential world record holder. Our focus is on the talent and skills that you possess, which will eventually become the ladder to reach new heights. We shall do everything in our power to provide a stage so that you can express your unique brilliance.

We accept applications from all corners of the world, and all those who have the spark to ignite the fire in this ordinary world can strive to get their names published in our International World Records Book.

International World Records Book is a place where talent is appreciated and Approached.

• Our initiative looks to find talent in every niche, uplift them and give them the recognition and appreciation that they truly deserve.
• Being an International World Record Holder will give immense pride and satisfaction in the fact that you set a goal for yourself that no one else on earth has ever achieved and succeeded.

Make your mark now. Make your mark today. Make your mark forever.

Our purpose is YOU!


Our purpose is YOU!

• We are eager to scout extraordinary talent and reach you. We want to create a platform where your speciality and uniqueness are appreciated,
• Our goal is to remove all obstacles that could prevent you from achieving a world record.
• We cannot and do not let talent go unnoticed, ever.
• We will be working to help you achieve your personal accomplishment and provide every bit of support to your rising talent.


The International World Records Book mission revolves around people.

• We want you to feel free to approach us at any time and trust us with your extraordinary talents. We treasure such exceptional aptitude with great care.
• We will provide all the necessary resources to talented individuals for better encouragement and appreciation.

Our company

International World Records Book is a global organization that operates out of their main headquarters in India

Our ultimate aim is to recognize the adept talent across the globe to give them the incentive and recognition they deserve. We are solely dedicated to revering the tremendous talent we have around the globe and putting it forth to the world.