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Danger Alert in Nigeria

Danger Alert Tracking System is a fast rising company readily functional and operational in the matters concerning the security of your vehicles; whether singular or a fleet.
We are a compilation of readiness, reliability and competence as we have professionals available to meet your requests and offer you the top notch services. Ensuring that your vehicles are our top priorities, we are most careful with our processes of dealing with your properties.

Our Vision

To be a preferred choice of service provider in matters concerning car tracking and other vehicle security solutions, thereby leading to the safety and security of your properties.

Our Mission

To provide top notch security services through the application of knowledge of our professionals; we seek to provide you not only the preferred style of service but make the security and safety the options in times of danger and concerns.

Our Services

Danger Alert offers a client-oriented Vehicle Security and Security Solutions, bolstered with the professional touch and service you could ask for. While we are experts at individual vehicles, fleet management is also our forte of operation.
Have you been in the search for a functional and reliable Car Tracking Operation? Are you seeking the right guidance towards installation of Security Solutions in your vehicles and properties as a whole?
Rest assured that you have come to the right place. Danger Alert provides a range of services that includes :

Car Tracking

Danger Alert is readily available to manage your individual vehicles and manage your fleet. With our GPS technology, craftily installed by our engineers and excellently configured by our technicians, our company assures you the utmost delivery of your requested service.

Explo Control

A technology devised not to only protect your vehicle but to protect you. Following the careful installation of our Explo Control technology, we assure a safe passage through burning fire. The presence of our Explo Control technology in your vehicles gives you leverage against any sort of fire traps by potential perpetrators.

Vehicle Control

Using unique commands via SMS gives you, our clients, total control over the movement of your vehicles. As our car tracking products have this in-built technology, you are given the power to shutdown your engine, set speed limits and many more.


Track your vehicles’ with real-time map location from any point in the world, anytime, all from your preferred devices.

Our Core Values


Keeping our technology customer-friendly and cost-effective


Ensuring customer satisfaction and help improve productivity


Providing high-quality vehicle tracking services.


We don’t make empty statements. We fill voids.


We make a difference in the lives of every customer we serve