Pioneering an unconventional
UI/UX design school

We strive to help you learn all about UI/UX while we do what we can to make the process fun and easy.

Who We Are

Our IT company Engineer Sahab is expanding with its new offshoot, Engineer Sahab Education via a training program for UI/UX design. We’ve been around for five years now and always believed in encouraging the design industry since the very beginning. The course is available to anyone and everyone who has a passion for learning UI/UX design.

Why US

We aim to make design learning accessible and easy to understand with a dash of fun. Nothing will make us happier than our training helping you secure a job in your dream career or just flex your skills among your peers.

Why we started?

Our primary goal was to bridge the gap between lack of skill set and availability of adequate training with the help of our training program designed to be the cornerstone for the right UI/UX career.

How will it
benefit you?

The intensive training in UI/UX helps you build a strong foundation in the field with easy teaching methods and working on live projects.
Our program runs over the span of 4 months, introducing you to the world of UI/UX with the combination of UI/UX specific tool learning and practical assignments that makes you job-ready in no time.

Our Placements

How our graduates are successfully building careers and landing great jobs as UI/UX designers